Natural Stone Installation

Outdoor Uses and Installation Guide for Natural Stone

Discover the endless possibilities of natural stone for your outdoor projects! From outdoor kitchens to walkways, patios, and retaining walls, natural stone brings both strength and durability to your designs. Not only does it elevate the aesthetics, but it seamlessly blends with the breathtaking outdoor environments we find in parts of Aurora. Dive into this article as we explore the multiple uses of natural stone in outdoor spaces.

When installing a natural stone wall, it’s important to follow several key steps to ensure successful results. To begin, start at one end of the wall and work your way across horizontally and vertically. Apply mortar as the foundation for each stone, while keeping in mind the importance of maintaining levelness. To achieve a uniform appearance, use an equal amount of mortar between each piece, ensuring the joints are even. These guidelines will help you create a sturdy and visually appealing stone wall.

Looking to spice up your outdoor kitchen? Say goodbye to boring concrete slab siding and give it a refreshing makeover with natural stone! This can be a perfect rehab project for homeowners, especially if your outdoor kitchen already has a concrete or weatherproof drywall base. Add a natural stone facing in a variety of sizes and shapes for a rustic and authentic touch. Then get ready to impress your guests with a stunning and unique outdoor cooking space!

When constructing a natural stone patio in your yard, it’s crucial to start by excavating the site, removing around 6″ to a foot of base. Once that’s done, you’ll need to lay down a base, which can either be sand or small pea gravel. Afterward, it’s time to cut, place, and level the stones in a way that looks natural yet visually appealing. This is also the perfect opportunity to add some color or distinct geometric patterns to the edges of your patio, creating a captivating aesthetic. To fill the gaps between the main paver stones, you have the option of using grout, sand, or gravel, depending on your desired look and budget. We recommend using a grout that hardens when wet as it effectively secures the stones in place and requires minimal future maintenance. By following these steps, you’ll create a stunning stone patio that enhances your outdoor space.

A natural stone staircase not only adds visual appeal but also proves to be highly practical, especially for those with sloping yards or spacious step landings. Enhance the first impression of your home with a captivating natural stone staircase that leads to a warm and inviting atmosphere.

If you’re looking to build a stunning natural stone retaining wall or breathe new life into a worn-out concrete staircase in your beautiful Aurora home, it’s always a smart move to hire a local contractor. With their extensive expertise, specialized equipment, and skilled workforce, they can make your project a success. At GE-Supply, we aren’t contractors ourselves, but we do have strong connections with many  reliable Aurora contractors.

We’d be happy to connect you with the perfect contractor based on your unique requirements and budget. Feel free to stop by, give us a call at 630-898-5266, or simply fill out the form on this page to discover more about your exciting options.

Keep in mind that the above information is not intended to provide a complete installation guide for natural stone in your yard. It is primarily meant to serve as a helpful and informative resource, showcasing the possibilities that can be achieved with the right knowledge and tools. Learn more about the best outdoor flooring options for Aurora homeowners. 

Natural Stone Installation, Stone Types, Options and Selections

Types of Natural Stone

If you’re looking to build a retaining wall, patio, stairs, or simply want to enhance the exterior of your Aurora home with natural stone, the experts at GE Supply have you covered. While it might seem like all stones are similar, with differences only in size and color, there are some crucial distinctions – some of which we’ll delve into below.

Decorative Stone: Add a touch of elegance to your outdoor projects with decorative stone. Although it may not be suitable for every project, decorative stone can complement and enhance any outdoor space. At GE-Supply, we offer a wide selection of decorative stone in various sizes and shapes, ranging from pea gravel to 2″ River Rock. We even have 36″ boulders that can beautifully adorn your yard as decorative and visually pleasing elements.

Retaining Walls: We’ve got everything you need when it comes to stone walls – from bricks to coping to pillar caps. Our collection includes a wide range of styles from trusted brands like Unilock, Belgard, and High Format. What sets these types of retaining walls apart is that they’re engineered and processed to be even stronger than natural stone. That means they come with longer warranties and superior durability. Plus, these manufacturers are able to introduce unique colors, textures, and patterns that aren’t normally found in nature. And because they’re engineered, our retaining walls are more consistent in size, shape, and color. They’re designed to provide exceptional protection against the extreme winters and summers that Aurora experiences.

Natural Stone: Natural stone offers a diverse assortment of options for various applications. From elegant porcelain to sleek limestone or flagstone slabs, each type possesses its own unique strength, grace, and beauty. For walkways or patios, flagging is an ideal choice, while steppers are perfect for creating a charming meandering path to your outdoor oasis. For those looking to add a touch of complexity and visual interest to their landscape, outcropping is the perfect choice, allowing for the creation of terraces and tiered features that break up an otherwise boring landscape.

Discover a wide selection of natural stone at GE-Supply. Whether you’re searching for pavers, retaining wall stone, or simply aiming to revitalize the exterior of your home, our Aurora location invites you to explore our offerings. Step into our outdoor showroom, where you can see a wide range of styles and varieties of natural stone. If you’re a homeowner or contractor searching for a specific brand or type of natural stone, simply reach out using the form on this page. Our extensive partnerships with various manufacturers ensure that we carry an extensive range of stone. If by chance we don’t have precisely what you’re seeking, we may be able to order it or provide an equally suitable alternative.

Whether you’re a contractor or homeowner, we are here to assist you in making an informed decision for your project. We provide valuable education tailored to your specific project size and scope. If you have any further questions, feel free to call us at 630-898-5266 or fill out the form on this page. Our team of landscaping experts will promptly get back to you with expert advice.

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