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What are my Concrete Paver Options?

The beauty of this flooring choice is that concrete paver options are almost limitless. With a range of colors and predictable sizing, concrete pavers are a timeless solution for many tastes and aesthetics.

Concrete pavers offer a flooring choice where people arrange concrete pieces in patterns to bring a rustic look, without sacrificing luxury or quality.

There are two types of concrete paver options.


Interlocking concrete pavers is a great option to increase the curb appeal of any home or business. As a superb choice for a driveway, these pavers are cheaper than other alternatives.

With their consistent shape, thickness, and interlocking capability, they cut down the time of installation. They also provide almost a kind of canvas, allowing the pavers to be installed in beautiful patterns.

Another added benefit to using interlocking pavers is their durability and low maintenance. Keeping them clean is as easy as an occasional sweep or washing down with a hose. The pavers also perform well with the freeze and thaw cycles Oswego winters bring. Making this choice, not only a smart, but a lasting solution.

Architectural Slab

In a similar fashion, architectural slabs are a beautiful, cost-effective flooring option.

They can tie a room together and give it an ‘old-world’ feeling. Slabs are not as thick but are also easy to install. They are a brilliant choice for almost any setting where a hard floor is appropriate. Concrete slabs look great in bathrooms, on patios, around pools, and more!

Because of their manufacturing versatility, concrete slabs can be incorporated in a wide variety of colors and sizes. Making them a great option for unique patterns and layouts.

Concrete slabs also have low-maintenance requirements and are very durable.

Basically, if you can imagine a pattern for your driveway or patio, chances are, you can make it a reality with our concrete paver options.

Ground Effects Supply is ready to help. From an impressive inventory to a gorgeous inspiration gallery, to finding the right contractor. We are ready to provide the support you need to make your dream home a reality.

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