What is the difference between natural stone & concrete pavers?

Concrete Pavers
Concrete pavers are created by pouring concrete into molds, adding dye to mimic natural stone or improve the visual appeal, and incorporating various textures and finishes. These manmade pavers can adopt a wide range of colors, shapes and sizes, resulting in a virtually limitless array of design possibilities. The surface texture of Unilock Richcliff pavers, for instance, emulate natural stone and create a tranquil, charming conversation spot when paired with a generously natural landscape.
Laying concrete pavers in different patterns forms focal points on your patio floor and your paving project can be coupled with features like fire pits, retaining walls, and steps made from the same or complimenting materials. Unilock Artline pavers in Winter Marvel – just one of the many colors and finishes available – is a splendid candidate for your modern, minimalist patio, driveway, or entrance. Such a diverse assortment of concrete pavers allows for the pairing of a perfect paver to any aesthetic style or theme.
Concrete pavers are individually and collectively strong, withstanding both the elements and the test of time. Your paving project will last decades due to the strength and flexibility of the pavers as well as their interlocking system of sand-filled joints. With permeable paving solutions, the numerous larger joints between pavers allows for effective drainage of rainwater into the ecosystem, bettering the environment.
A concrete paving project can easily be cleared of snow and is virtually maintenance-free, aside from the occasional replacement of a settled paver or the re-application of jointing sand from time to time.

Natural Stone
Natural stone encompasses a wide range of materials, from flagstone to granite and other types such as travertine. These pavers are carved from the earth, making them incredibly strong and more original than concrete pavers. Each stone is unique and their slight variations in color can be incorporated into your design to add an organic beauty and personal touch to the area. Natural stone pavers are timeless enough to thrive in contemporary designs while their rich earthy tones correspond with the surrounding landscape for a more rustic aesthetic. The several types of natural stone pavers differ in size, color, pattern and finish to build an endless variety of design possibilities.
These high quality pavers are low maintenance, involving regular sweeping and rinsing as well as the easy removal of snow. Traditional sourced natural stone does absorb moisture readily, however, which can freeze during winter and cause cracks in the tile surface. Natural Stone by Unilock solves for this with revolutionary products. The installation of natural stone pavers will add excessive value to your home and will also last for decades as these stones don’t fade over time – in fact, they often only look better with age.

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